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Base by Iprinceriper Base :iconiprinceriper:Iprinceriper 0 0 fran and belphegor comic by Iprinceriper fran and belphegor comic :iconiprinceriper:Iprinceriper 3 2 Belphegor by Iprinceriper Belphegor :iconiprinceriper:Iprinceriper 6 5


Laundry Day by La-Mishi-Mish Laundry Day :iconla-mishi-mish:La-Mishi-Mish 2,353 840 Jeff The Killer - Thanks for 100+ watch by TheLouSama Jeff The Killer - Thanks for 100+ watch :iconthelousama:TheLouSama 1,351 116 Girly Situation by SUCHanARTIST13 Girly Situation :iconsuchanartist13:SUCHanARTIST13 437 32
Manager!Levi x Victoria's Secret Angel!Reader [AU]
Levi's Angel 
You were one of the most popular models for Victoria's Secret, the biggest American retailer for lingerie, which you occasionally found hard to believe even after seeing dozens of pictures of yourself on the covers of various magazines. You’d wanted to become a model from ever since you were a teenager but never thought that your dream could come true because you weren't as tall or skinny as most models.
However, your interview at a modelling agency went well and they provided you with a stoic faced but supportive manager called Levi who encouraged you to use your unorthodox looks to your advantage by standing out from the other models in the fashion industry. It was thanks to his busy schedules and impressive portfolios that you managed to bag a three year contract with Victoria's Secret and became a Victoria's Secret Angel
You were currently getting ready to be the showstopper for a fashion sh
:iconinfinitelytangled:infinitelytangled 454 61
Jeff the killer, self control. by Trostlosigkeit Jeff the killer, self control. :icontrostlosigkeit:Trostlosigkeit 777 62 Jason and Tim by f19850928 Jason and Tim :iconf19850928:f19850928 647 39
Swimsuits ( Male!Gou x Reader )
(A/N: So, as we know Gou is a Manly name, so as long as Gou is a male, let's imagine his actual name being a feminine Kou c: Thank you xD)
You walked around the swimsuit shop with your friend, Kou. The other Iwatobi swimmers just told you random reasons why they couldn't come with you two and you could clearly notice that the red-haired boy was not feeling really comfortable walking around with a girl, choosing swimsuits for her. 
"Oi, Kou, what do you think about this one?" You asked the male, making him blush and glare at you.
"I told you, (Y/n), call me Gou! And the swimsuit is too girly for you..." He murmured the last part and you just sighed, a small smile on your face.
"I guess you are right... Oh! What about that one?!" Your eyes were shining once you caught a glimpse of a black swimsuit, with (F/c) wavy stripes on the side.
You didn't even wait for Kou's response, you just dashed into the changing room after you found your size. After several minutes you peeked your head
:iconmarixrush:Marixrush 37 17
If I fits, I sits. Levi x Reader
“SQUAD LEADER (Y/N)!” I quickly spin on my heal to the panicked cry coming from behind me, they seem to be originating from a horror struck Eren, for whatever reason I don’t think this will end well.
“Yes Cadet.” I keep my cool calm demeanour, like is expected as one of the elite fighters in the corps, this doesn’t stop me from having my worries about the current situation.
“CORPRAL-LEVI–HANJI-BAD-LAB-NEED- HELP!” Eren had managed to squeeze out the important information through his laboured breaths as he caught up to me, these words however had me running past him at full speed. Levi and Hanji in the lab do not mix, Oh god I hope it isn’t the repeat of Hanji making giant moving dust bunnies, I don’t think Levi can handle that much heart strain. 
Eren sighs and quickly tries to catch up to my sprint as I make my way to the lab, I run past a few cadets, none seem to be in alarm so Hanji hasn’t released dog size
:iconpewtobustepha:pewtobustepha 191 70
Meet Natalie by AndrejA Meet Natalie :iconandreja:AndrejA 2,863 97
Reader x Robin I part 10
He leans in closer caressing her cheek in his palm slowly closing his eyes. I can't watch anymore. I run out side of mount justice. I can't believe it! I guess she really does think of me like a brother. But I just can't help it! Her laugh, and the way she can take me down but always makes it seem like I let her win, but we all know she could kill me if she wanted. And her angelic sleeping face.
"Robin." Aqualad's voice brings me back to reality.
"Do you know where (y/n) is?" Ugh just remind me again.
"She's with super boy." I say annoyed.
"You know (y/n) doesn't feel like that toward superboy." Kaldur sits down next to mean. I look at him surprised.
"You, you know?"
"Everyone knows, except (y/n). I mean the way you look at her is not one of an older brother." I feel the heat rush to my face and ears.
(The previous part was robins POV if I didn't put it out there.
Your POV
"Stop" I say pulling back.
"What's wrong." Super boy ask.
"This isn't real. This is just because I've help
:icon7tiger7:7tiger7 49 11
Thank You All, 100 Plus! by LittleLuxray Thank You All, 100 Plus! :iconlittleluxray:LittleLuxray 255 123
Mature content
[Kyoya Ootori x Reader] A Meeting LEMON :iconitachiisuchiha:ItachiIsUchiha 213 100
Jeff the Killer - Blood Runs Cold... by Swarthylacine Jeff the Killer - Blood Runs Cold... :iconswarthylacine:Swarthylacine 280 15 Jeff The Killer by Bakuhatsu-Dei Jeff The Killer :iconbakuhatsu-dei:Bakuhatsu-Dei 575 173



Ushishishis Welcome Peasants i got a GF So sorry :| now go and get on your knees


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